From Lions to Lambs- March Garden Tips
Author: Ivy Trails March/01/17
March is usually the month where gardeners are getting anxious to get do it! Bundle up if it is cold, grab your pruning tools, and get after it.

Prune most deciduous trees and shrubs, as well as fruit trees. Don't prune early spring flowering plants such as lilacs, forsythias, rhododendrons, or roses. Other exceptions are newly installed trees and trees that "bleed" sap (maples, birch, etc.) Everything else is fair game for established plants. Young trees and shrubs should be left alone until later in the season. It is also a good time to prune fruit trees and grapes.

Cut back ornamental grasses by the end of the month.

Keep your plants healthy by sanitizing garden tools in one part bleach, one part water. This will prevent diseases from being passed to new plants.

For more pruning how-to tips, visit the tips page of our web-site.

You can fertilize trees and shrubs when the buds swell. Use fertilome tree and shrub fertilizer. At that time evergreens can also be fertilized with the tree and shrub or evergreen fertilizer.

If needed, move dormant plants this month.

It's a great time to start seedlings indoors for slower growing plants and cold weather vegetables. (flowers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, etc.)

Sometime while fruit trees are still in full dormancy, spray with a combination of Copper Sulfate and All Season Spray.

Think spring! We're in the down hill stretch! Shop for bright garden decorations- a fun way to get started on your spring garden.

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From Lions to Lambs- March Garden Tips
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