September Yard Care
Author: Ivy Trails September/01/14
Don't throw down the shovel yet! September spells the end of summer for many people, but fall is an excellent time for planting. Instead of resolving to let winter overtake your yard, turn your yard into a visually appealing winter scene that you can enjoy!

Keep planting trees, shrubs, and perennials. Fall is a low stress planting time due to the warm soil and cooler air. Think of adding plants that provide fall and winter interest, such as dogwood, viburnum, evergreens, and sedums.

How would you like to increase the bird activity in your yard? Here are a few tips to draw them in. When you're finished, sit back and enjoy your new sanctuary.

*Plant a Prairifire crabapple or other crabapple variety for winter food.

*Colorado or Black Hills spruce are excellent for cover and nesting.

*Some viburnum, chokeberry, and dogwood provide season feeding.

Start thinking about decorating your yard for fall. Ivy Trails has everything you need, including locally grown pumpkins and gourds, mums, kale, cornstalks, and bales of straw.

Consider a hardy Mammoth Mum this year. Unlike most mums that are grown as annuals, Mammoth Mums keep coming back year after year in our region.

September is also a good time to divide and transplant peonies and any other early flowering perennials. Cut back any foliar perennials, including hostas, silver mound, iris, and non-reblooming daylilies to 6", no lower.

Compost any fallen rose and peony leaves, as well as fruit from your trees. The longer they sit, the more chance they have to harbor and transmit diseases and pests that can carry throughout the winter.

Don't forget to continue setting mouse traps for voles!

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September Yard Care
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