October Tips
Author: Ivy Trails October/01/14
October has set in - days are becoming cooler and shorter. But don't let that keep you from maintaining the yard you worked so hard on all summer.

Just as in September, this is a great time for installing trees and shrubs. You can keep planting until the ground is frozen. Plant now so you have new plants to look forward to in spring!

Also, keep planting fall bulbs for spring blooms. We have an excellent selection of bulbs, including everything from the classics to the new, funky hybrids.

Gather up any fallen leaves and use them to mulch plants that need protection during the winter months, especially Zone 5 and newly-installed plants.

Cut back any perennials with large leaves, such as hostas, which can harbor diseases over winter. Other trees and shrubs do not need to be pruned until spring.

Tree protectors and any kind of fencing should be put around trees or shrubs at this time.

If we have not had a decent amount of rain, give all new trees and shrubs a good soaking.

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October Tips

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